Saturday, June 22, 2013

X-DNA Relationship Path Finder

The estimate by this tool is not very accurate, as accurate estimates are not possible in X-DNA.

The aim of this project is to find the relationship path of a common ancestor with someone who you share X-DNA. When you share autosomal DNA and X-DNA with a match, based on the how much you share an autosomal DNA and using the unique inheritance pattern of X-DNA, the possible inheritance path can be arrived. It also has a debugging mode to explain how much DNA is passed on. The value in curly brackets is the shared cM passed on. A PDF document is attached explaining shared autosomal DNA vs X DNA inheritance from common ancestor.

Prerequisites: Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

Usage:  There are two ways to use it. The easiest and simplest is to just execute the program which opens the interactive options allowing you to enter values one by one. You can also give the options as arguments.
xpathfinder <Autosomal Total cM>
<X Total cM>

xpathfinder 34.6 10 M F

If you wish to enable debugging (to understand how the relationship path is arrived), you can add an additional argument called DEBUG)
xpathfinder 34.6 10 M F DEBUG

If you would like to send the output to a file and use the redirection
xpathfinder 34.6 10 M F DEBUG > output.txt

Download : xpathfinder.exe (17 Kb), based on X-Inheritance cM Chart.pdf

Source Code at GitHub.

Change Log for ver 1.0:
  • Console based, accepts arguments as well as interactive.