Monday, July 22, 2013

Phasing Utility

Phasing is the task or process of determining the parental source of a SNP's alleles. A simpler way to put it, it is the process of trying to determine which DNA came from the mother, and which came from the father. The term is usually applied to types of DNA that recombine, such as autosomal DNA or the X-chromosome. The benefit of phasing is being able to identify which ancestor a segment was inherited from (Ref: This is a simple utility that helps to extract the SNPs of the other parent if one parent and a child is provided.

Prerequisites: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

Usage: Select the child's, atleast one parent's autosomal file and click phase. Then click download to get the phased files for parents and child.


Download : PhasingUtility.exe (49 Kb)

Source Code at GitHub.

Change Log
Version 1.5
  • Bug fix.
Version 1.4
  • Minor bug fix.
Version 1.3
  • Bug fix. 
Version 1.2
  • Phasing output now includes parents. Introduced user friendly interface.
Version 1.1
  • Major Bugfix.
Version 1.0
  • Initial Release.