Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DNA Error Fix

Several people do DNA tests with multiple DNA companies. While results in general are same, a few test errors and no-calls can be fixed for the same SNP. This tool attempts to fix errors and no-calls comparing multiple DNA files of the same person tested through different companies. The file formats supported are FTDNA, 23andMe and Ancestry DNA

Prerequisites: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

Usage: Select the files and click Fix button. Just as a tip, hold ctrl-key when selecting for selection of multiple files (or just drag and drop over the pane).


Download : DNAErrorFix.exe (51 Kb)

Source Code at GitHub.

License: The MIT License

Change Log
Version 1.6
  • Removed unnecessary no-calls in consolidated file.
Version 1.5
  • Option to choose gender to improve accuracy, esp., for X chromosome.
Version 1.4
  • FamilyTreeDNA autosomal files no calls represented as '0' chromosome causes the software to stall - fixed
Version 1.3
  • Replaces phased files - fixed
Version 1.2
  • Minor bug-fixes, consolidated file and support for decodeme.
Version 1.1
  • Converted the command-line to have a friendly user interface.
Version 1.0
  • Initial release. Supports FTDNA, 23andMe and Ancestry DNA