Saturday, April 12, 2014

ISOGG Y-Tree AddOn for Google Chrome

ISOGG Y-Tree AddOn is a chrome browser extension that adds additional functionality of plotting your Y-SNP results on ISOGG Y-Tree webpage ( Please note that, this AddOn replaces the ISOGG tree functionality of Big-Y AddOn.

The extension adds a number of features to ISOGG Y-Tree based on your Y-DNA results.
  • Allows upto 10 kits.
  • Highlights Positive and Negative SNPs in ISOGG Y-Tree.
Note: To use this add-on, you must have purchased a Y-DNA test from any of the DNA testing companies for genealogy purposes and had received the results as Y-SNPs. ISOGG Tree is from International Society of Genetic Genealogy ( Once the AddOn is installed, go to the Options and enter your Y-SNPs. If you want to the SNPs in the format supported by this AddOn from the BigY CSV download you can use Merge-Y to add the file and export the SNPs. This exported SNPs can now be pasted into the AddOn.

Prerequisites: Google Chrome


ISOGG Y-Tree after plotting.

Usage: Install the addon and go to Options page and enter your Y-SNPs. Then, to go to get those entered SNPs plotted.

Install: ISOGG AddOn Chrome AddOn

Source Code at GitHub.

Misc Info: Fast mode is an important feature to accelerate the plotted for better user experience. It works in such a way that the AddOn will have pre-knowledge of what SNPs will be in the Tree.  E.g., Big-Y may have 25000+ SNPs but only a quarter are actually found in Y-Tree. Hence, instead of searching for all 25000+ SNPs in ISOGG Y-Tree which is very inefficient, the AddOn will ignore all the SNPs from Big-Y results that aren't in Y-Tree. Hence, only ~5000+ SNPs are searched against the SNPs in Y-Tree, thus improving the overall user experience. If you are not sure what to do, just leave it as ticked.

If fast mode is unchecked, then plot interval is considered. This is also to adjust your overall user experience based on your requirement. Plot interval is simply the time internal between one plot and the other. If fast mode is enabled, plot interval is 0, which means, the browser literally hangs until the plot is complete. However, if fast mode is not enabled, you have two options. Either you can give preference to plotting but have the ability to watch the SNPs (by selecting 1 ms) or  give preference to user experience where you want to browse the site without any inconvenience irrespective of whether the plotting happens or not (selecting 600 ms).

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  • All Y-SNPs from ISOGG Y-Tree until June 12th 2015 added to the program for faster plot.
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