Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sub Project: Autosomal Pedigree Customization

This is a sub-project for Autosomal Pedigree Creator.

This tool allows to create customized pedigree trees based on different thresholds.


Copy atree.txt (found in tmp folder after the execution of Autosomal Pedigree Creator) into the root folder of atree2gv and execute the below command from console / command prompt.

atree2gv [-d=<distant-bp-threshold>] [-c=<close-bp-threshold>] [-s=<individual-segment-bp-threshold>] [-g=<large|small>]

atree2gv -d=1000000 -c=1500000000 -s=5000000 -g=large

  • -d=<value>, where value is the threshold in base-pairs for defining distant cousins.
  • -c=<value>, where value is the threshold in base-pairs for defining close relations, usually parent/child. If there are no parent child but only 2nd or third cousins, then you need to enter the value in base-pairs that could be shared by those relations. Parent/child shares 50% of 3.2 billion base pairs. So, the default value is 1500000000.
  • -s=<value>, where value is the threshold in base-pairs for defining individual segments.

Download (11.9 MB)

Source Code at GitHub.

License: MIT License.