Thursday, December 11, 2014

Y-Tree Creator

Y-Tree Creator allows you to automatically generate the entire Y-DNA (or a specific subclade) based on the set of Y-SNPs.

Usage / Tips: Extract the download and place the SNPs as a comma separated value in each file inside the data folder (SNPs format found at FTDNA projects). Execute the Y-Tree Creator executable program and build tree. Then enter the Y-SNPs in the text box and plot it. You can export or save/open the entire generated tree or the SNPs plotted on the new tree as a report. Try with a few files specific to a sub-clade and then go bigger. Currently, the data folder contains  37 files from J-Haplogroup as sample which I took from J1 Y-DNA Project. You can remove them and place your own files or just add it to the existing list of files.



Download Y-Tree (76 KB).

Source Code at GitHub.

License: MIT License.

Change Log
Version 1.1
  • Input box text default length increased.
Version 1.0
  • Initial release.