Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Downloading large files from Google Drive using Download Manager

Downloading large files are always a pain. It takes long time and worse is it if disconnects or fails just before it completes all. I rely mostly on Google Drive and sometimes upload large files. Hence, I thought it would be appropriate to post a blog explaining how to download without any issues from Google Drive using a download manager. This post assumes you are using Google Chrome and screenshots are from it. As an example, I will show how to download SNP Prophet.zip which is 13 GB, a really massive file.

Download the file normally

Just click on the link (or follow the link) open the link in a incognito (or make sure you haven't signed into google/gmail in that browser) and download the file normally from the browser.

Cancel the download

Now, cancel the download from the browser. You can cancel the download by clicking on small context menu from the download display.Once cancelled, click on 'Show all downloads' to go to downloads page.

Copy the link

On the downloads page, right click on the link and select 'Copy link address'

Paste the link on Download Manager

You can paste this copied link URL on any download manager,. Here, I had used Free Download Manager. Make sure the 'Save As' is modified as the required filename.

Download using Download Manager

Now, the file is being downloaded by a download manager.

The important advantage of using a download manager is that, if any network interruption happens, the download resumes and will not download from the beginning. This helps in avoiding download failures and saving bandwidth when trying to download large files.