Monday, January 19, 2015

GEDmatch Plus for Google Chrome

Note: The chrome extension accesses GEDMatch website ( to get details but GEDMatch neither supports nor promotes its use in any way.

GEDmatch Plus is a chrome browser extension that adds additional functionality for GEDmatch website ( like themes and caching.

The extension adds a number of features to GEDmatch:

  • Several Themes, Styles etc
  • Caching of 1-to-Many, 1-to-1 Autosomal and 1-to-1 X-DNA, to reduce server load and boost performance. Caches are automatically expired after 7 days.

Prerequisites: Google Chrome





Usage: Install the addon and go to Options page and select the theme you want. Caching is enabled by default.

Install: GEDmatch Plus Chrome Extension

Source Code at GitHub.

Change Log :1.0.0
  • Initial Release.